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Apr '08

Trying To Eat At Home.

How odd it is… last night I’d planned to cook a steak, eat a little salad, drink a little wine, watch a little tube, and head to bed. Minutes before I’m to marinate the steak Swanda calls — want to do Chinese with Mick, Wonderful, and me? Off to the International District I go — it’s also an excuse to return his second fixed laptop.

Today was filled with errands, napping, mowing the lawn. Iguess I’ll need to weed eat tomorrow since I didn’t get to it.

Got email from Lynne that she was settled in (well, the liquor was unpacked) so wondered over there at 5:30, only to be invited to dinner with Deb and her — great pork pasties — or as I called them, Little Debbie’s Cakes.

Rest of the evening was spent photographing and listing eBay items — tomorrow when I’m done I’ll post the link to what’s for sale this week. Over the last weeks plus I’ve sold about $1100 worth of stuff on EBay and to friends. Now if I could just give away that gas dryer in the garage!


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