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Apr '08

eBay Day, Doubled The Number Of Items.

It must be eBay day since I’ve managed to get 20 items listed in the last couple of days. Here is what the back hallway looks like now:


Wanna see what’s on offer (all twenty items): http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZmarksouderQQfrppZ50QQfsopZ32QQfsooZ2QQrdZ0

Now I’m out of boxes, I’m out of packing materials — in fact, I had to shred documents to get the last of the packages done.

What I didn’t get done is to find the extra material for the curtains at the church meaning I may have to find some other fabric for the new curtains in the attic to shield the water heater from view (and maybe the area over the closet as well.

What I did get done was contacting WorldMark about finding a real estate agent for the church sale.

Now it’s off to get the packing done, and get ready for Lynne’s dinner appearance. Why yes, I am entertaining the night before I fly off to the Midwest (not to be confused with the Mideast which is like, Ohio).


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