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Apr '08

Of Bar-B-Que and Paddleboats.

Kansas City, home to Bar-B-Que and Paddleboats in the same block.

Had lunch today at Winslow’s Slow BBQ in the City Market. $4.99 for the regular size pulled pork sandwich. Damn fine BBQ. Gots to love dem pickles on the side.


My plans were to head to the Steamboat Arabia museum after lunch. I was there five years ago and it was a cool place, but when it came time to plunk down the $12.50, I just bought the hat pin ($3.00) instead.


Plans tonight are for a potluck party at Paul and Gail’s place in the “Helping Hands” building in downtown Kansas City — their condo is the corner one on the top floor (closest to the center of the photo). Two bedroom, two bath. Nice. I went on-line and looked up the cost of the last unit available in the building — 1A — which is the unit closest to the center of the photo on the first floor (Paul and Gail are in 5A). Here is the link. $299,000 for 1352 sq ft.

Guess I’d better get the church sold before I look at anything else. And speaking of that, spoke to a real estate agent in Friday Harbor that I’ll meet with next week to get the listing started and hopefully the church sold and another 1000 permanent yearly WorldMark points in my account, plus a bundle of cash. Why is it that I always look at real estate where ever I go?

Tonight’s crew: Paul, Gail, Wendy, Rhonda, and Dottie. Well, and, of course, me. Maybe I’ll remember to get a group picture of us all.

[clueless, no scale, but my body wasn’t happy with me after yesterdays food intake]

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