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May '08

Off For A Surprise Visit.

Taking off in twenty minutes or so for a surprise visit this afternoon. And on the off chance any of them read my blog, I’ll just keep it a mystery, though if they know that I’m in the Midwest, and that there is a surprise visit planned — that would be enough to tip my hand. Oh well.

But for now, a recap of last nights dinner party — big fun for all.


and now, it’s time to hit the road. Hopefully an update later today.


Well, it was an interesting afternoon. The surprise was, indeed, a surprise — and I was greeted with what I would consider a hero’s welcome. It amazes me the “pedestal” than Ron has put me up on with regards to his companies history. I wonder how he will feel when I ask him for a job tomorrow.

It was a good visit — the whole production floor was open, with all the equipment running — with wine and beer stations in each department — tables of food. I sort of hid in Jill’s office since every time I came out I was lauded with “he was our original Microsoft client and look where we are now.”

My plan was to go back to the motel, dress down, and head to Maude’s for dinner at the bar. What happened is that Ron and his woman-friend Becky (and joined by the delightful daughter Nicole [Nikki]) ended up at Maude’s with a pre-ordered bottle of Dom Perignon leading to appetizers and dinner (Printer’s Salad for me — apparently named for Becky). It was a good time, but left a little rattled. THAT certainly wasn’t the time to say “I’d like a job”. At least I made a good impression on Nicky — and apparently it was Becky that was pushing for dinner the minute I showed up unannounced.

9:30 and I’m back at the functional Motel 8 — and at $48 + taxes for the night which includes a continental breakfast — it’s got to be the cheapest thing in town. In theory there is wireless, but it was easier to get my EVDO card to work rather than the freebie wireless.

An appointment at 10am in the morning with Ron to “ask that question”.

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