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May '08

In Negotiations.

Well — it was an interesting meeting this morning with Ron. I think the phrase is “blind sided” was how he described my request for a job. Nothing like showing up for a friendly chat about frequent flier miles and strategies  only to be hit up for a job.

Many things to discuss, like compensation — commission, guaranteed draw against commission, salary [doubtful], access to Sigler group health care, a ton of questions — but he wants to explore, and the President of the company got excited and wants to explore, Jill and Larry would love working with me again (VP operations and the head of estimating). I got positive feelings from all concerned. But, as they say, the devil is in the details.

Left Ames a little before eleven and headed south back to Kansas City. I noticed that there is a bit of a border war breaking out on the Missouri/Iowa border — for who has the nicest rest stop/tourism center. It will be a draw once the Missouri one’s grass grows in.

The fine ladies at the Missouri on recommended a really nice (and fast) route to Weston, Missouri, home of McCormick Distilling. They used to have distillery tours (until 1995) and now just have a store in town. It isn’t as good as the oldest distillery at the same site (notice the wording — the still is still there, but hasn’t bee used in twenty years). Think lots an lots of flavored booze crap — flavored tequila? why?

The guy manning the store was nice — tastes were .25 each for a maximum of two and he didn’t charge me when I bought a six pack of minis as a surprise gift — hell, he even gave me 10% off for buying a “6-pack”. It was he who offered to take this photo on one of the two “walls of booze”.


Damn — looking at the picture reminds me I still need to loose weight.

Up early in the morning to head back to Seattle, pick up the car and instantly head to the island for dinner with MaryBeth and the kids. 6:50am flight — ick.

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