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May '08

Back Home, For A Bit.

Open admission — I use child labor.

Knowing teenagers always need a few bucks — I pressed Alex and Thomas into service moving lumber out of the attic into the van. One more step on the way to getting the place listed. We were all on the 1:40pm ferry back to Anacortes — and the line is long. Luckily the ferry holds 150 cars, and there aren’t that many even on a Sunday because it’s still off season.

For those who have know me for awhile — MaryBeth bought my 1975 Checker Marathon. It was fun to see it again even if I don’t agree with the forest green new paint job (means the door jams don’t match), but at least all the dents are out of it. Maybe I should find a set of seat covers for it since the ones I put in 20 years ago have failed.

I stopped for groceries and MaryBeth and the youngins’ must have stopped for junk food, because we hit Seattle at the same time:


I could have cropped it, but I love the mirror from m MPV in the photo. No viewfinder, just randomly pointing and clicking.

Marinated chicken thighes and salad for dinner tonight. Nothing fancy, just healthy.

Working on proposals for Sigler and ThinkAct tonight.

[223 on the overly friendly church scale]

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