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May '08

Scary Busy All The Sudden.

Lots of auction items shipped out today — and starting to work on the next set of items — Phones, Phones, Phones! Get’em here.

All the sudden it’s dinner party week:

  • Tonight — Helene here
  • Tomorrow — Swanda there
  • Wednesday — Don and Sue there
  • Thursday — Lynne here
  • Friday — Curt, Brandon, Dave there, but I’m cooking

Wow. I guess I won’t starve.

House news: meeting with the realtor Wednesday at 2pm and expect the house to list by the weekend.

Job news: I have the outline of “negotiation points” for Sigler, need to flush out tomorrow and submit.

Free-lance news: Got another bit from ThinkAct for working on their “decks” — read that as PowerPoint Presentations.

No rest for the wicked.


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One Response to “Scary Busy All The Sudden.”

  1. blue toad Says:

    Forgot to tell you someone saw my website and is coming to the island and wants to rent the projector for four days!