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May '08

Shall I Retool The Bus?

Lovely Sue from BlueToad Design has a suggestion for BOB, the Big Old Bluebird…. mobile theatre. Guess this means she’d love to sell me back the video projector I sold her. But it’s a lovely story, and does give me some ideas:


But that isn’t likely to happen since I got a call the other night (actually two of them) from a guy in Arizona that is talking about flying up (one-way) from Tucson with the intention of driving Bob home.

And speaking of Sue — had dinner last night with her and Don — a FABULOUS healthy meal.

News from today is that I signed the listing papers for the church, and it should be on the market in the next couple of days. Wish me luck. I will miss the island, but as Lynne says, “I now have invitations to every guest house on the island.”


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