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May '08

Bob Going Bye-Bye?

Bob may be going bye-bye. Got (another) call this afternoon from Leancy from Flagstaff who called with his flight information. Thursday early afternoon. Which means that we should be able to get to the island directly from the airport. Guess I’d better take the van so I can unload all the stuff in the bus.

But until the money is in my bank account, it ain’t over till it’s over. He has requested the VIN so he can get insurance for the trip home, called Les Schwab about tires, called NC Machinery about a dynamometer test and complete fluid change — hell, once he’s done with that I’d want to keep the thing.

And for me, got off the island on the 11am ferry and back into town at 2pm. I really need a nap. But, not time. Swanda coming for quick cocktails, and then Lynne is showing up at six for dinner. If I had more food I’d invite Swanda as well.

Don’t forget — postage rates go up May 12th.

Upcoming adventures? Tomorrow poker in Olympia, then out to Forks to visit Chip and Linda (and do some work) for Saturday and Sunday night.

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