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May '08

On The Way To Get Forked, I Met a Hoh.

Today’s adventure takes us away form Olympia and onto the Olympic peninsula to visit my friends that run the Quillayute River Resort outside of Forks, Washington. I’ll be working out here for a day or two on toilet signs, notepads, postcards, you name it. It’s a nice exchange gig in a lovely suite right on the river.

But on the way to Forks, I stopped by the Hoh Rain Forest which is 15 miles south.

Would you look at the elk I saw mere feet from the visitor’s center:


According to the ranger, it had just dropped it’s antlers last week.

Yet another chance to use my Annual Pass to the National Parks — adding $15 to the total dollars I’ve received from my $80 purchase. Which if I could find all the entries is now well over $100. Now that Steve is back at Deer Lodge, maybe I can use it for Yellowstone before it expires at the end of June.

Now, onto the resort in Forks. Below is the room that I’m staying in.


Chip and Linda cooked an amazing meal and only to the end of it did we start talking about the graphics business that will pay for my stay. Maybe I’ll have pictures tomorrow when I’m coherent. Or not.

[no scale]

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