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May '08

A Beautiful Mother’s Day Out Of Town.

What a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day if you can’t be around your mother — be around someone elses.

Greetings from outside lovely Forks, Washington. Today’s picture is of the suite that I’m staying in here at the Quilayute River Resort — number 3:


But that doesn’t really give you a feel for the place — the long shot down the lawn is much better for that:


It’s so lovely to be sitting inside where it’s warm and working of stuff for the resort (signage, note cards, etc.) and presentations for ThinkAct. I could get spoiled by this — and the fact that my hosts are cooking all the meals (usually I cook at least one dinner). All in all, a good way to work.

Dinner was a stunning lamb dish — something about 8th day lamb — an italian recipe from when the author had been their eight days and to food was going more peasant style stew than fancy dishes. If that’s the way the peasants were eating, sign me up.

Back to the city tomorrow to finish up the ThinkAct stuff, deal with the hopeful sale of Bob, and generally hit the ground running.



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