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May '08

Damned Allergies.

So — it was just ONE of those days. Things not going right.

Labels, not centered, meat left in the freezer (note to Chip and Linda: CHECK YOUR FREEZER, the lamb should be really good in a meat loaf mixed 50/50 with either veal or pork or both).

So, driving home in a fog — I miss a critical turnoff. Paging Shelton. Shit. How many miles of 101 with construction did I just do when I didn’t have to?

Don’t know – can’t tell, Streets and Maps won’t start and this late in the evening I don’t even care — I assume a couple of hours.

Dinner with Swanda. Steaks and salad and vodka and wine. And after dinner, after Swanda left, I went out and mowed the damn lawn — in for a penny, in for a pound.

Think I have Bob figured out — Wonderful and I will drive up late tomorrow, have dinner on the island and head back Wednesday morning ont he 11am ferry. Headed for Les Schwab for two front tires for Bob so that I know he’ll get to Tukwila on Friday. Pucking up the potential buyer Thursday at the airport and all other situations looked like they were cutting it way too close if he wants to leave town on Saturday.

Go Bob Go! And if it doesn’t sell, Go Bob Go To The Longhouse Gathering.


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