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May '08

House Listed, Bob Sale Moving Along.

Well – finally got a link to the MLS listing for the church:


It’s a long one, but hopefully the link will work.

Headed out to the island this afternoon get get Bob off the rock and get new steer tires put on him. Wonderful is going up with me, we’ll have dinner, disconnect the beast, coil up all the cables, and prepare to head home on the 11am ferry Wednesday.

Lots of stuff to unload. Moonsong coming by on Thursday to give it a good pre-sale cleaning. Guess I’d better not forget the power washer at the church.

Rest of the day up until ferry time is filled with work, work, work. SOB, ThinkAct, Sigler, the whole shooting match. Last of the eBay packages ready to mail. I think I’m done eBaying for a while, what a pain in the ass way to make a few buck. Upside? Great way to clean out the garage.

And for today’s usefull or useless graphic, we have the KPLU (NPR and All That Jazz) coverage map.



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One Response to “House Listed, Bob Sale Moving Along.”

  1. blue toad Says:

    you otta have a huge beach party before you move out!