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May '08

The Good, The Bad, The Bob.

The only good thing to come from today was a nice stroll through SAM’s Sculpture Park which I’d never gotten around to visiting. The views are stunning the artwork less so, or maybe it’s just not my style — these oversized erasures and traffic cones. But the Calder looks great in that setting.


Well —the potential buyer (a sculptor amongst other things) and I wandered around the sculpture park while Bob was on the Dynometer down in Tukwila. The folks at NC Machinery can do it all, they just can’t seem to do it very quickly. Makes me wonder if there is Valium in their drinking water.

And now for the bad. The price has now dropped from $22,900 to $19,500 because of things that have popped up so far. A shift change at the shop. More time hanging out in the unseasonal 90 degree heat. That gives up time to do more of the testing of the major systems. Running off the generator we power up all three roof top air conditioners, and fire up the 3-way fridge. We don’t fire up the other fridge because it’s only a handful of years old and known to work. Only one problem — thirty minutes later the 3-way fridge isn’t getting cold on either 110 or 12 volts.

Deal breaker. Between the slowness of the mechanics getting started on the full RV service (lube, oil, filter, fluids), the fridge was the final straw. He was running out of time — his plan was to be on the road back to Flagstaff on Saturday morning (without even bothering to visit his wife’s children who live in Ballard). Les Schwab could have done the tires while the service was being done but in the end, he just panicked. Maybe if I’d made the offer then to take another $1500 off for the fridge the sale might have gone through, but after having spent the entire time dicking around (and not billing hours, or getting by twice monthly client billing done) I was out of steam.

I should have just taken him to his in-laws and dumped him, but instead helped him find a flight home tomorrow morning — which means hanging around this evening with someone you aren’t particularly fond of at the moment.

And now for the Bob. Well, Bob will be going to the Long House Gathering over Memorial Day, and then will probably go on the market locally through Craigslist now that it’s in town. Now I just need to decide if I’m going to get the RV service done and the other two tires replaced before I list it.

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