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May '08

Nothing Like Waking Up Pissed Off.

Nothing like starting the day hours earlier than you want — to get rid of something you don’t want (the guy from Tucson). After dumping him at the airport after a frosty ride, I went back to bed. At least that helped a bit. Last night after dinner (which he paid for, but wanted me to leave the tip — bad form) I made a last chance offer of $17,900 — an even $5,000 off the asking price. When he asked if I’d take $16,500 that was the end of our conversation and the evening. At that point I had taken the offer of $17,900 off the table and wanted him out of my life.

Adding to my crankiness was the derailment of today’s plan to take in the Museum of Flight’s Flight Attendant Clothing Exhibition. The plan was Swanda and some friend of his from Portland who I’ve met, but constantly forget her name, and I to go there, then have cocktails back here in lovely South Park — hell, maybe even in Bob since it’s parked out front. The reality was that she missed her train because the car wouldn’t start and now isn’t due in until four, and they will see it tomorrow morning. This was my idea, that is now being hijacked.

Well — maybe I’ll have time to get my billing done.

Dinner at Jimmie’s tonight, sounds like with Suze as well. At least I won’t have to cook.

UPDATE — plans back on for the Museum of Flight. Friend still in at 4pm, but since she re-booked so late, can only get back to Portland on the 7am train. Swanda due shortly for a run to the museum, which is just about a mile down the road from my place.



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