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May '08

Putter, Putter, Putter.

It’s nice to just have a day when you can putter around the house, putter around Bob, and finish it up with getting taken to dinner at the Brooklyn.

Lots of odd things on today’s shopping list:

  • snap connectors for the garden hose (quick release hook up for Bob’s water tank)
  • trowel for spreading floor adhesive (new flooring for Bob’s garages)
  • half a dozen automotive light bulbs (for Bob’s marker lights that are burnt out)
  • scotch (for Bob’s owner)
  • hang tags from Arvey Paper and Supply (for Quillayue River Resort)
  • A-6 envelopes for note cards
  • padding compound

So today it was shopping and then installing (or printing on) all the stuff.

Interesting notes about Bob

  1. the straw that sent Tucson guy running back to the desert — the fridge that didn’t appear to be working? It works, just fine thank you. It was a hot day and we didn’t give it the couple of hours to do it’s magic. RV refrigerators aren’t like household fridges — they don’t have compressors, they have condensers, and it’s a slower process.
  2. also discovered that the reverse lights do work — just on a separate switch that turns on the back up alarm as well.
  3. spent some time doing some rewiring on and under the dash to remove the rest of the gauges that were for trailer pulling thereby bringing the dashboard back to it’s more traditional look.
  4. found a disconnected wire on the engine braking system — I’ll have to wait until I take off this weekend to see if that makes the system work
  5. started the process of taking out the analog phone system since no carriers support analog anymore — even for 911 calls. It was good while it lasted.

Topped off the day with dinner at the Brooklyn — a thank you from Helene for taking her to Canada last year so she could check in as a landed immigrant. Oysters and vodka for appetizers, and the New Zealand Ono for dinner. Ridge Zinfandel Three Rivers with the meal. Yum.


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