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May '08

Vibrant Victoria.

What a lazy time here in vibrant Victoria. Spent the day going for little walks — to the fish store for smoked cod, to Barb’s Place for steamed mussels and clams, laying around reading a backlog of New Yorkers from Swanda.

The boys went out exploring and gathering steaks for dinner. It’s a nice change to have someone else cooking, and I haven’t had any problems letting go of that task.

Here’s the odd audience question for today. What does this flag mean — it was flying on a boat in the marina next door, and the only sailor around didn’t know, but thought it was kind of “blasphemous.” Your thoughts?


And now that the questions are done, we give you the beauty shot from last night after dinner:


Here is a link to all the pictures, which include some cute otters:


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One Response to “Vibrant Victoria.”

  1. blue toad Says:

    The flag man couldn’t afford color printing?