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May '08

Fabulous Friday.

Finally heard back yesterday from the folks in Iowa — still interested, but are so busy that can’t even think constructively about the proposal until the second week of June. I know how that goes — it only takes on holiday (in this case, Memorial Day) to throw wrenches into schedules with everyone wanting to turn three days into four or more.

And on an amusing side note — submitted a job to be quoted to them this morning.

The rest of the morning was spent with shopping for the weekend gathering, looking or running lights for Bob that match, and heading out of the city. What a mess traffic was. You’d think it was a holiday weekend.


And here I am hard at work keeping up with business in Bob on the road.


Almost got him stuck when I was angling into another slot — think I’ll stick with the gravel. Clueless about what is happening for dinner, but I bought pork or tomorrow night, sandwiches for lunch, and steaks for Sunday.

Here is the link to all the photos, which will be updated through out the weekend.

[224.0] Not bad for after someone elses cooking

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