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May '08

Sunny Saturday

WeatherPeople Be Damned.

Well — sunny wasn’t the forecast for today, but that’s what we got.

What Bob got was a naked mechanic replacing the flooring in 4 of the 5 basement garages that aren’t filled with batteries. For those interested it was the last of the flooring from Boeing Surplus that is also in the church kitchen.

Speaking of the church — apparently I’m getting a “counter” to my “counter” which the buyer’s agent claims is a “good” offer… $350,000 and apparently it comes with a letter for why — hillside issues, etc — I’ve been there for almost a decade — there are french drains on that hillside and we haven’t had problems. My current agent actually made a “Kevorkian” reference about the buyer’s agent. At least we are on the same page.

Bob has turned into party central now that the ice machine is pushign out cubes — think daiquiris with all that duty free rum. Life is hard here in the woods.


Like I said, it was a warm day — and note the computer running in the lower left hand corner of the picture. I’ve passed out the code so people with laptops can log in a check their email.

Life is hard in the woods.


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WeatherPeople Be Damned.

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