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May '08

Musings on Tongue.

Tongue — as in tonight’s dinner courtesy of my favorite Japanese grocery store. Served with rice and salad. Haven’t had tongue for years, letting hope I remember liking it.

For today’s laugh out loud quote we have a little ditty from Dickie Scruggs — recently convicted for conspiracy to bribe a judge. His thoughts on the families financial situation growing up?

“We were so poor that if I hadn’t been a boy, I wouldn’t have had anything to play with.”

How can you throw a man like that in jail?

Today’s answer to a question from last week — how many credits would it take to keep a condo with hot tub at the Victoria WorldMark? 756,000 points for 50 weeks, probably a full 800,000 points per year for their two bedroom penthouse on the bay. Guess that means you’d get the top floor. Of course, with my measly 22,000 points a year (hopefully 23,000 points if the church sells) I’m a long way from that.

And speaking of that, I have the second counter offer in as of this morning, but probably no answer for a day or three.


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