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May '08

Hours Organizing The Garage.

Thought about going to the island today to finish the last little bit of wiring — but decided to do that AFTER we have a signed deal. Submitted my counter to the counter yesterday morning.

What prompted the garage cleaning and organizing? Finally getting my butt (and the trailer) to the dump to with the rest of the construction and yard waste. Nice to have that gone. Now both the trailer (empty) and the van are in the back yard. Now I want an automatic gate opener (once something sells).

And speaking of selling, the guy from California finally emailed, yes, he is still interested — would mean the weekend of the 7th for a showing. Part of me is saying just put the thing back on Craig’sList and be done withit. Of course, after last night’s 40 minute conversation with my brother, there is always the old Mobile Home pad on the hilly lot overlooking his and Norma’s place outside Coos Bay on the Oregon coast. Think I’d rather sell it, but nice to have a storage/use option.

With a little more work organizing the garage I actually might be able to get both the Bimmer and the Mommy Van in the garage at the same time — that would be a novel first. Guess I have to get rid of a couple of more printers before that happens.

Quiet dinner of chicken tits and salad tonight. Dinner with Lynne tomorrow night — took out a slab of pork ribs that I’m thinking about doing a slow smoke on. Been a long time since I’ve done a vinegar wash and sweated ribs.


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