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May '08

More About Bob.

Well, today MoonSong came over to finish giving Bob a bath. Finally got the last of the mold/moss off the exterior. In the process he discovered something missing after the trip to the woods last weekend — the refrigerator vent cover … and no small cover, it’s like 10″x24″.

The only thing to do was to head back to the gathering site to see if it got knocked off by branches either coming or going — and since I was headed that way I was sent by MoonSong to retrieve DeeDub’s expensive body wash that he left behind.

Found the body wash — didn’t find the vent cover, at least on the land. I found it by the die of the road just at the 148th exit off of 520 headed west bound. Mind you, by the time I saw it, I was well past the point of stopping and had to continue past I-405 before I could turn around and retrace my steps.


It’s a little beaten up — really beaten up. Guess I’m manufacturing a new one tomorrow. Found some parts that should work at Home Depot — and now have to go again since I’ve figured out one more piece that I need.

I still need to get the analog phone removed, and maybe the Yagi antenna as well. If I was in the mood, I’d order the marker lights that are broken — but at least I found them available on-line. Should you be interested in flush mount marker lights (not very popular these days), follow this link: http://www.etrailer.com/p-424800.htm

Tonight is a chamber music concert with Jill at the Recital Hall at Beneroya. Had I known Gerry The Jerk was conducting I might have passed. It’s been a dog’s age since I’ve been out with Jill, and dinner at the Brooklyn before — and as she so nicely said, “If it sucks we can leave at intermission.”


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