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Jun '08

One Large Item Sold.

Several More To Go.

Bye, bye, church. You were fun while you lasted — I think that you are going to a good new owners. They were married in the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe (where I’ve seen MANY chamber music concerts) and have spent much time in Northern New Mexico exploring small adobe churches, of which Old Grace reminds them of. I got less than I was asking, but they are paying excise, escrow, title insurance and septic pumping/inspection. And they really want the table, end irons, pews and the metal heart candle rack. 


WOW — I’m still in shock. Guess I’d better either get MoonSong or myself up to the church to do the last of the electrical on the septic system. Crap — and I just got the garage all cleaned up, only to need to fill it again!

Looks like it’s going to be a party tonight in Swandaland. Helene is flying in from Dallas, hopefully FlufferNutter will be joining us as well for cocktails, steaks, salad, champagne, the works.


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One Response to “One Large Item Sold.

Several More To Go.”

  1. Michael Says:

    Congrats on selling the Church!
    I took your advice and visited the SoB site – who is that hottie with the lady in the wrap? Hopefully he is a close personal friend.
    Look forward to seeing you at the ‘Bush. Off to cruise the Med in a week.
    Hugs, Ticker