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Jun '08

More Musings On Travel.

I don’t know what it is about the arrival of a wad on money that makes me want to spend it. Or maybe it’s that book that I’m reading. Last night and today’s musing on travel include the following:

Long weekend in Palm Springs THIS weekend.

  • United has an under $300 last minute fare
  • WorldMark Indio for Saturday night
  • WorldMark Big Bear for Sunday night
  • WorldMark Palm Springs for Monday night
  • Rental Car

Total trip probably set me back $500-$600. BUT I should probably be worrying about getting the church cleaned out instead.

52nd Birthday Trip Late September.

  • Tokyo for a week
  • Bangkok for a week
  • United flights for $1700 + 60,000 miles for business class
  • United flights for $3300 + 30,000 miles for business class
  • Stay at Michael’s in Tokyo (priceless)
  • Stay at John’s in Bangkok (hopefully)

Or I could wait until I get another 26,834 in my United Mileage Plus account and just use 90,000 miles for that same business class seat. Decisions, decisions.

MoonSong arrived this afternoon with a LOAD of stuff from the church (having also finished the PooPump wiring). There goes parking two cars in the garage for a long while.

Fun dinner with Lynne last night, and just a quiet evening at home for me tonight.


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