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Jun '08

Dreary Day Just Off Dallas.

For those who haven’t been to my lovely compound in South Park, it’s just off the intersection of Rose and Dallas — and boy is it dreary today. June rain brings low grade insanity if it doesn’t stop soon.

I finally got around to posting Bob to CraigsList again:

Of course, it would be nicer to sell it to Greg for use on his land (and the Mommy Van to John Weber). Move the rest of the goods to friends. Then I could by this:

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Escrow money has been submitted, but no word on when closing will be, though the contract says on or before the 20th. Can’t really make any decisions until the money is in the bank. With no contingencies on the place, it shouldn’t be a problem, but I’ve walked away from money before — and five grand would take care of the bills for the month.

Planning on drinking scotch and sauteeing a couple of chicken breast to be served with salad tonight (and probably again for lunch tomorrow.

[222, or 100kg]

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  1. Pat Fell Says:

    What is it and why does it look like a paddy wagon?