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Jun '08

Anyone For A Boeing Classic?

What’s a Boeing Classicyou ask? That would be the 737-300, -400, or -500. And they are getting ready to flood the market. Four airlines (United, USAir, Continental and Delta) have announced plans to drop their older, less-fuel-efficient airplanes. Prices will drop, and all the third-world airlines will be equipment that is only 15-20 years old rather than 20-30 years old. Trickle down theory in action.

Well, enough about airplanes. But I’m seriously jonesing for getting out of Dodge, might be the weather. Just made a reservation for the WorldMark Birch Bay (by Blaine, Washington) for next Tuesday — the three bedroom penthouse overlooking the water. I don’t have any desire to stay in the back buildings, too many kids. Now all I have to do if find some folks to go with me (or not).

The original plan for tonight was to go to Morton’s for a $45 Bourbon Tasting from 6-8pm. Unfortunately, my date, Jonathan, came down with a case of food poisoning. Somehow cramps and bourbon just don’t seem to go together.

That leaves me with a chicken breast and salad for dinner tonight. At least there is wine in the house.


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