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Jun '08

Home With A Stuffed Van.

Back in Seattle before noon with a van stuffed to the gills.


Even the lift hanging off the receiver hitch is FULL!


That would be the wood chipper. Between MoonSong’s trip last week, and mine yesterday, all the planter pots are safely back in the city.


And looking nice on the back porch with it’s freshly shorn grass — the rain stopped so I had to finally attack the lawn. Have I told you how much I dislike yard work — and last week I was actually weeding the front “jungle”. Makes me yearn for a condo (until I need to pile YET MORE stuff in the garage.

Off to Jimmie’s for dinner with wishes of greetings from Wendy who I meet up with in New Orleans on Saturday night (after poker in Olympia on Friday night).

And believe it or not I’m caught up on all my periodicals — and now starting on books from Christmas.


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