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Jun '08

Looks Like A Good Move.

Looks like a good move to South Park as far as property values go. Look at the graphic splashed on today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer:


Gee, a gondola a couple of blocks from my house up the hill to White Center would be lovely, as would a farmers market two blocks north. Now, if I can only live to see it and resist the temptation to sell this place before then. CLICK for the whole article.

In Arts News, snagged tickets for “Namaste, Man” showing at the Intiman Theatre. Here is the overview:

“I saw a man on television recently. He said something, and it got me to thinking. It reminded me of something that that happened a while back; that’s what I want to tell you about. The man was from Nepal.”

In India and Nepal, namaste (pronounced “Na-ma-stay”) means both hello and goodbye. Namaste Man, the autobiographical by actor Andrew Weems, draws on a childhood that was anything but conventional. Growing up in Africa and Asia, Weems spent his adolescence in houses furnished by the State Department, living a life filled with constant hellos and goodbyes. He experienced a world redolent with adventures, outsized personalities—and mysteries that he would begin to unravel only as an adult.

My brother (Jon) was in the Peace Corps in the mid-70’s and stationed in Nepal. I spent six weeks in late 1976 exploring Nepal and Northern India, including spending a week on a house boat on Lake Srinagar in Kashmir (not possible anymore — and there are reports that the lake is dying from pollution).

But today, big push is unpacking the van from the church run and packing, packing, packing.

  • Packing for Blaine (Tuesday night).
  • Packing for Lopez (Wednesday night).
  • Packing for New Orleans (Saturday-Tuesday)

Cocktails with Swanda after swinging by the Post Office (letters — postman was early today) and the Liquor Store (boxes and booze), then home for a chicken tit over greens dinner.


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