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Jun '08

One Day Of Play, Then Back To Work.

Greetings from Birch Bay, outside Blaine, Washington on the beautiful (at the moment) Puget Sound.

I finally got to listen to this 2-CD travelogue from the State of Washington with history lessons tied to mileage posts on I-5. Technically, it is call the Interstate 5 Heritage Tour: Seattle to Blaine (U.S.A.-Canada Border). I have this because Jameson’s girlfriend Natalie and her work with those folks — she came for me to find a cheaper source of printing and I hooked them up with Sigler, my friends in Iowa.

I think that Greg, Patsy, and Kid should have this for their next trip to Vancouverland to visit the uncle/cousin/sibling. It really is educational.

So — one of the nice things about having bought more points with WorldMark is that I get a free movie with each booking (even if it is only a night). So, I check out all the really “bad” comedies — and tonight’s comedy was “The Bench Warmers”.  The things I watch when others aren’t around.

And then — there are the things that I find in parking lots — stickers from Happy Meals, which led to this:

Or, if the embed doesn’t work, here is the LINK.

Geez — a Santa Hat. That’s evil.

And then, here are all the photos so far from Uncle Markie’s Lonely Night Out:


That’s the sun down(er) picture. And now for the shot of the balcony with all FOUR doors onto the deck (one from each bedroom and one from he living room.


or just my favorite surreal picture:


or hell, just look at them all:

And if the freeking Twango/Ovi link isn’t working — CLICK HERE.


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One Response to “One Day Of Play, Then Back To Work.”

  1. Curt Says:

    Hey, looks familiar. Is that on a different floor from the one we enjoyed last July 4th weekend; seems the hot tub has moved if not. 🙂

    Too bad I couldn’t sneak away on a “school night” for local getaways like this.