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Jun '08

On The Road To The Island

Maybe For The Last Time.

Well, last night’s movie was something that I’d only watch alone, and it wasn’t porno (I like friends for that).

Movie: The Bench Warmers.

Review: Laughed my ass off, glad there weren’t other people around. Took me back to being last person chosen for any sports team in school.

This morning it was up at 7am for an 8am “ReEducation Camp” for $75 worth of AMEX charge cards. Do I EVER get tired of this scam. Of course, I periodically buy more points so it isn’t that much of a scam — but it does cut my one day vacation costs down from $100 plus gas to $25 plus gas.

3pm ferry — and the Islander’s are swarming for left-overs even before we (MoonSong, not me, I’ll be on the 3:30 ferry) get items to the dump. Even Curtis is scoping out garage sale items for next week.

Wish me luck in getting all the stuff out of the house by tomorrow morning. I did find a nice present to leave for the new owners. I must think the place will ACTUALLY close on the 20th.

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One Response to “On The Road To The Island

Maybe For The Last Time.”

  1. blue toad Says:

    What do you mean for the last time, you are always welcome here and we have plenty of places you can stay-no we won’t charge you!