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Jun '08

Clarification, Packing, and Theatre.

Just a clarification to my fellow Lopezians (well, fellow until the 20th) — when I said last trip to Lopez yesterday, I meant last trip to clean stuff out of the church. Yes, I’ll be a visitin’ fool for years to come.

And speaking of all that stuff — we certainly looked like the Beverly Hillbillies in the ferry line:



 Shaven’t unloaded the trailer — just pulled it into the garage and left it for my return from New Orleans and the preperation for the garage sale at Fluffernutters. And even the kitchen is trashed now with boxes:


See those stacks of plates, those are the “spares” to the set John Weber made for me. I already had a set of six each of the yellow and the black in the city. Now I have another dozen of each (well, only 11 black ones). Matching service for 35 anyone?

And then off to a play! What was I thinking when I got the tickets — other than is was the only day I could see this play (Namaste Man) at the Intiman. They were having a Citrus Cosmos (their spelling) drink special. I had two in the lobby and one in the hall. Yum.

As for the play — I laughed, I cried, I relived my six weeks in India and Nepal in the mid-70’s. I also realized how incredibly luck I was to have world-travelling parents and a brother willing to translate and schlep us around a third-world country. And yes, I do regret that I didn’t try the hashish when I was in Nepal.

[219 — but that’s the church scale]

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