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Jun '08

It’s All About Water Today.

Well, it’s more about poo pumps and hot tubs than water, though both contain it.

First the poo pump. Lopez Electric called this morning for work authorization (and to find out who was goign to pay for it). Looks like it will be $4-500 because they also need to install an electrical cut-off switch on the outside as well. Fun.  But it needs to be done, and will probably be done (and paid for) by the time I leave for Olympia around 12:30 or 1.

Second is the hot tub. It is stuffed into the BMW Roadster — which is an amusing site in itself. I can barely see out the rear view mirror, the truck is full, and I still need to get my suitcase for New Orleans in there somehow — cause we all know that the mommy van is still stuffed with stuff from the island.

Dinner tonight is with Curt, Scott (who has missed poker for months owing to a new boyfriend), and Brandon in place of Jonathan who isn’t quite over his Chicken Salad with Tomatoes from Safeway salmonella incident — last night his fever spiked. Damn — and I was even planning a fairly bland dinner of roasted chicken, salad, and bread.

After dinner is the monthly poker game in which I will try and not enrich my friends at my expense.

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