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Jun '08

Flood Waters Then Sun.

Wow what a day! The morning started with massive showers and lightning — and flooding. think about a foot of water on the other side of Saint Charles Avenue. The water was close to lapping up to the door of the Avenue Plaza and almost covering the Trolley Car tracks (the grassy area below).


It took us a half an hour to change (into shorts and sandals) and find a low water way to get to the restaurant three blocks away (Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro, same guy that started Popeye’s Chicken according to David, see below for information on David). For me — two mimosas and a crayfishopen face omelet with green onions. Got half way through the omelet — probably save the rest for Tuesday AM’s early departure to the airport.

And by noon here is the view from my condo window:


Who would have thought. The group decision is for a overview tour of New Orleans. David was our guide. An advantage of staying at the timeshare/condo thing is that you don’t pay the commission on tours — so our 3 hour (turned into 4) tour was $27 rather than $42. Nice perk.

Basically the tour was:

  • Central Business District
  • Garden District
  • French Quarter
  • St. Anthony Cemetery Number Three
  • Katrina Destruction

Check out Louisiana Tour Company. Make sure you get David for your tour — the guy knows his history!

Drinks in the room after the tour — we needed them since the tour was four hours rather than three — then off to a cheapy dinner at the VooDooBBQ & Grill about six blocks from the Avenue Plaza. Cheap and DAMN GOOD — even if it wasn’t on Lynne’s list of good places to eat. Wendy and Mom are on a budget, so I’m going in their style. I got the Carolina Sandwich (pulled pork with cole slaw), and then went back for a side of the Gris Gris Greens — all were stunning, and there were three different sauces from texas style to vinegar style, to a sugar cane mango style.

Strange facts about the neighborhood that we are staying in. Within a couple of blocks there are two bar/restaurant/game room/laundramat – and one of them even has a notary public. Here is Lucky’s Place. The other is Igor’s which is on the same block as us (no notary public, but 5-7AM drink specials).


Wendy’s nephew Ben shows up later tonight — his flight from Kansas City is delayed. My guess is that all the flights that go back and forth to Kansas City are running late due to all the rain and lightning. We have him all checked in so it’s just going to stop by my room (where Wendy is snoozing on the couch after three martinis) when he arrives — now slated at 10:53pm plus shuttle time. Sounds like midnight to me.

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