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Jun '08

Street Car Day In NOLA.

So — even though there haven’t been requests yet, here is the picture stream.

Breakfast this morning with Ben, Mom, Wendy and yours truly at the Trolley Stop Cafe.

My plan is to get the day pass and do all the street car lines in New Orleans from end to end to end to end. Before noon I did the far end of the St. Charles line which was supposed to be completely open by Spring 2008, but isn’t. Technically, it IS still spring.

After a stop at the condo for airline check-in for tomorrow, a cold drink and then back onto the street cars. I’m treating New Orleans like a giant theme park and the street cars like an amusement ride.

After my pause in air conditioning, it’s back onto the St. Charles line, connecting with the Canal Street line to get to the Riverfront line then back to finish the Canal Street line, then home for cocktails. That was the plan. Now, insert a side ferry trip to Algiers in between the Riverfront line and the finish of the Canal Street line. I ran into Ben and Mom down by the aquarium and talked them into it taking the trip with me. They were disappointed and overheated — I loved the Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce at the Dry Dock Cafe.

This would be JoAnn (Wendy’s mom) and Benjamin on the ferry:


Because Benjamin is a vegetarian, we have been looking for a vegetarian friendly restaurant in the French District. We found one that was interesting, but at the far end of the French Quarter — it’s a bit of a walk for mom (and me, and Wendy). Bennachin Restaurant is the name — and it’s Central African. The menu looks great — check it out at.

Of course, at some point, there was a plan for jazz afterwards. Right. 80, 51, 50, 20. Not going to happen. Ended up back at Copeland’s place because it was close and actually had a bunch of vegetarian stuff. Too bad the really cool restaurant’s can’t help but put pork in everything (not that I am against that).

5:30 wake up call, 6:30 shuttle pickup. Ick.

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