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Jun '08

Pushing Midnight.

Should Be In Bed.

Well, so much for getting the blog entry done after dinner and getting to bed. Right.

After dinner Gnarlene and WhoreTense showed up so that I could be the camera man in the final shots of the Gnarlene Blood & Treasure rock-u-mentary. Like I’m a cameraman, or a producer. We got some good shots in spite of that.

But before all that — I delivered a toaster and waffle iron for Suzanne and some Zataran’s shellfish broth and a sidewalk edger. More things out of the garage (and a present from New Orleans). Then it was off to Home Depot for some 2×2’s to work on the deck project for the bamboo screen border. Closer, but not done yet. Amazing what a strategic photo shoot will do — looks done, doesn’t it?



Hard day of pounding nails and hanging out. I even got some clothes unloaded from the van. That will be handy for tomorrow — when I report for work. But most of the other projects are now off the front burner and just into tweaking stage. Hell — even the kitchen is looking put together. Add a nice steak and a salad and we are golden.


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One Response to “Pushing Midnight.

Should Be In Bed.”

  1. Xrauq Says:

    Hey – I really like that bamboo screen border!!! I’d like to come over sometime and have a closer look so I can steal your design, if I may…