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Jun '08

Busy Bee Monday.

Nothing like diving headlong into a new project to shift your usual day around — and it will probably shake it up for the next couple of months.

At the Events and Adventures office at 10 — made good time as I left the house at 9:30! This is the first of many visits there, and hopefully to their other branches in Minneapolis, Houston, and Dallas to gather their best practices and do a top to bottom review of their marketing. And that’s about all you are going to get out of me on that subject — the brief overview.

Headed out to Subway for lunch, but the odd way I took sent me past Home Depot which would be a stop on the way back from lunch for more boards for the deck. Who knows, I might actually get that project completed this week too! Never made it to Subway, got waylaid by the restaurant next door — Three Pigs BBQ — what a great thing to have across the street from Overlake Hospital (for that heart attack). Not bad — amazingly quick service.

Got my boards on the way back to the office — THAT took longer than getting my meal.

Headed back to the city a little after three, and had the boards installed by the 5 o’clock local news and scotch hour.

After a dinner of chicken strips sauteed in green chili sauce over salad, spent the rest of the evening watching TV while trying to figure out some new time billing software since I’m now juggling multiple projects. I’ll give you a report later this week when I actually have to submit bills using this widget.


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