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Jun '08

Kinda Fun Dressing Up!

What a change in life — all those shirts that I rescued from the church (financing in place, inspection todayaccording to my agent, close before the 9th, pushing for a week before) are now getting pressed (joke) into service. I get to play dress-up every day that I go into the offices of E&A. And then when I come home I change into shorts and flip-flops.

In my education of E&A I’ve booked a Paella Cooking class for Friday, then a mixer after the meeting with the owner on the 30th, and an event host meeting on the 8th. And then I really need to do the same thing at the three other branches to determine the best practices and get them set in faux-stone. As in, everything changes, sort of like semi-permanent.

No pictures today — but there have been comments on the new deck treatment, so maybe we will post lessons online — or videos.

Shit, speaking of video’s, I have to finish the redo of Gnarlene’s CD artwork — though I am waiting for some single fram shots from the video which is close to being finished. Hey, maybe I’ll post a link to that as well since I was a cameraman on the last scene in the video (or so I think).

More chicken and salad for dinner, more conversations about the garage sale scheduled for July 12th (that’s a Saturday) right on Martin Luther King in Seattle. More news closer to the event.


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