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Jun '08

No Bamboo For You Dude.

So, on the way home tonight I stopped for more bamboo screening (I need ONE 6’x8′ panel of split bamboo) — and I am greeted with “No Bamboo For You Dude” — note in the system is that they (the Vietnamese) are making as fast as they can — but you have a popular (if not cheap) fencing material. Think 4-6 weeks assuming all clouds and planets are in alignment.

So much for finishing that fence before the 4th.

The meeting from hell (anything over an hour) today clocking in at two hours twenty minutes — and for once I wasn’t bored — seems like this was the first “full team” marketing meeting EVER. Wish I’d brought a second Diet Coke in. Seemed rude to leave in the middle.

Great dinner with Lynne tonight — my guinea pig — tonight’s subject was paper-thin (OK — they are 1/4″) steaks — and how to successfully do them on the grill.

The answer = 2 minutes a side and precook nothing since it will continue to cook once it’s off the grill. Hence — first steak great — second (to quote member from Texas) “not so good”.

And tomorrow, the alarm is set — 9:30am sales call. Thank god they are paying me for this.


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