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Jun '08

Four Hours And 26 Slides Later, A Rough Draft

Four and a half hours and twenty-six slides later, I have a rough draft of the Marketing Analysis for Events and Adventures. My brain hurts. And it’s just the first draft — I have two more days to whip it into shape before a Monday 10am meeting.

As part of my research, tonight I’m attending an Events and Adventures cooking class — titled “Cooking With Anita”. Sort of undercover as I’m the guest of Lars and Anita. I met Lars and Anita several years ago through Swanda and have been to their house, but they always did the cooking — and now I’m getting to learn how to make White Sangria and Paella (and other goodies). Can’t wait.

Today’s picture is in honor of Anita — equipment that I think she should buy from me (and that she lusts over) — and now that they are all stacked I can get them in one photo:


On the bottom is a two drawer warming oven, next up the rack is a half sheet convection oven, and on top is the infrared warmer I found at the dump on Lopez. Nice rack!

With luck I’ll have a review tomorrow, maybe I should take the camera for some glorious food shots.


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One Response to “Four Hours And 26 Slides Later, A Rough Draft”

  1. blue toad Says:

    Rule of thumb- no more than 12 slides-and I wish I had known you were going to sell the kitchen equip! But it wouldn’t have mattered i have no room for it.