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Jun '08

Distracted, I Forgot To Try The Paella.

You’d think that if you are taking a cooking class learning to make Paella and several other Spanish dishes that at least you’d remember to sample the Paella. Blame it on the white sangria made with melons, peaches, and apricots. Blame on the red sangria made with lemons, limes, and oranges.

At least I got pictures of the Paella (and the other dishes in progress):


The menu was:

  • Olives & Marinated Cheese
  • Pimienta Tartlets
  • Gazacho
  • Paella
  • Avacado & Orange Salad
  • Orange Custard Flan
  • Churros
  • Both Red & White Sangria

Now imagine 25 people cooking in one kitchen and an outdoor cooking/dining area. Because of time, two of the dishes were made the day before (the Gazpacho and the Orange Custard Flan) because when you start at 7pm, we wouldn’t have eaten until 11 (though that WOULD be very Spanish).

A chaotic, but fun time. For more information http://www.cookingwithanita.com.

After waking up on their basement couch I headed back to the city for a much needed shower. And a bunch of allergy pills. Between Anita and Lars’ cats and everything in bloom because of the heat wave I’ve been popping them daily.

Afternoon of work before Rich (Oly poker buddy) comes over after dropping the boys on Queen Anne to do music shopping before dinner at Veil, some trendy new Queen Anne restaurant that Curt heard about. Guess I’m getting dressed up AGAIN. The plan is for Rich and I to have Manhattans while the boys shop and meet them at six.

After dinner (at 8 I’m assuming) is a Seattle Men’s Chorus featuring Their Funniest Songs and Leslie Jordan of Will and Grace Fame. Yes, I said never another SMC show but Curt strong armed me into it (in exchange for me strong arming him into the 4th of July Yacht trip).

And then home to collapse, for tomorrow I must finish my report (and Gnarlene’s CD Cover).


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One Response to “Distracted, I Forgot To Try The Paella.”

  1. blue toad Says:

    Please email the White sangria recipe!(grin)