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Jun '08

Roller Coaster Monday.

On this last day of June it’s time to hang on and try not to throw up.

The day climbs towards at 10am presentation of the report that I’ve been working on for the last week and a half. Due to a little confusion (thankfully not on my part) the meeting begins about fifteen minutes late — and unknown to me the head honcho has another meeting scheduled for lunch starting at 11:30. Yikes — a forty page presentation in a short time. Not going to happen — but at least we got through the “investigation” section — leaving him to read “implementation” and “monitoring” on the plane ride home.

You know how when you have a job interview you have no clue how it went. Like that with the exception that it felt four times worse.

It wasn’t until almost five that I got some feedback on the meeting. Apparently it not only went well, but my bill (it being the last day of the month and I do twice monthly billing) had been reviewed by the owner and the bookkeeper and was deemed payable on the 7th.

I had been so stressed by the outcome that I felt compelled to make pasta from scratch to take my mind off it. A basil fettucini was the outcome, and it was delicious later in the day with a little roasted red pepper and artichoke tapenade. Add a steak and a glass of wine and we have dinner.

Lynne came over after dinner to pick up some of the pasta for herself, help me finish the bottle of wine, and pick a bunch of raspberries. Below are some shots of the jungle out front and the more muted backyard:


Back into the trenches tomorrow to start implementing the plan.


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