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Jul '08

Not Enough Hours In The Day.

Headed down three paths for work, gathering logos, designing email signatures, standardizing paperwork, looking into third party document storage, and tweaking the organizational and members website look and feel — hey wait — that’s more than three paths. Guess I should say, a little of this, and a little of that.

Back in the trenches with work because in the afternoon I have a chunk of time taken out for a photo shoot for the Development Office at The Evergreen State College. Dick Francois shows up with the campus photographer (class of ’78 I believe) and an intern to haul all the equipment around. As they scout locations, MoonSong is busily cleaning the house from top to bottom in case they want an inside shot. Or want to use a clean bathroom.

They (well, mostly the photographer) chose an interesting location — the the midst of the jungle that I call a front yard — THAT’S not going to be good for my allergies that have been bothering me all week. Ah, the things we do for art. Needing a contrasting shot (apparently they will be using two from each of their poster former students) they used Bob with me sitting in the drivers seat. Can’t wait to see those — he did show me one that he took by bouncing off the rear view mirror. CD will arrive sometime next week and I’ll post — or you can wait for Christmas and see it on my Christmas Card.

It will be a short billing day followed by cocktails at Swandas where I can a better feel of how yesterdays meeting really went. I’m always a little jumpy at the beginning of projects. Took food for us (and Dancing Bear, whose is planning on wine and conversation) to cook — well, not us, me. Some of the homemade pasta from last night, chunks of chicken breast, whip that all up with a little olive tapenade, add a salad and another bottle of wine and we are golden (but not arches).



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