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Jul '08

Shrinking White Pages.

On the day of our countries anniversary, a little commentary about the “State of the White Pages”. I started noticing this trend last year — suddenly, the White Pages were two thirds the size of the Yellow Pages. Yesterday I got new Qwest phone books — amazing since I don’t have a landline, nor do I have Verizon service, but they too, send books. The new White Pages —half of last years, a third of two or three years ago. Why? People are dropping their land lines and cell phones are covered by any directory (because you pay fees to receive calls unlike Europe and Japan). That’s today’s bit of observation.

The real reason to celebrate today is this note I got in my inbox late yesterday:

Hello, Mark.  I am the closing agent for the above-referenced real estate transaction.  I have sent the closing documents to you today by Express Mail, and you should have them Saturday.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions after you receive the documents.  The Statutory Warranty Deed is the only thing that needs to be notarized, and it would be great if you could turn the package around Monday so that I get it back on Tuesday for a Wednesday closing.  Thank you.

Swanda and Fluffernutter have arranged for a “Three Hour Cruise” this evening. I wonder if it will be a Gilligan theme? 25+ people on a 40 foot yacht watching the fireworks on Lake Union. I’m bringing a flat of glassware and a Magnum of Prager 1994 Royal Escort Napa Valley Vintage Port from the Paladini Vineyard (price for a regular size bottle of the 2004 is $72) that was a present from Ron McMillan on my 40th birthday with the intention that I drink it on my 50th…. opps. 51.75 instead. More people to share it with this way. Had I opened it my 50th — on top of the 5 liter bottle of Bonny Doon le Cigare Volante — the four of us would have been in even BIGGER trouble.


It won’t be until tomorrow that I get pictures from tonight posted.


Happy Birthday America, and may we have a Democrat in the White House in January.



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