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Jul '08

Run Markie, Run.

Phone rings at 10am — I am in an Ambian fog since I didn’t want to toss and turn after getting to bed at 2am. It’s the postman — isn’t he supposed to knock? He’s at the apartment and I’m not. I forget I can buzz him in…. and the office doesn’t open until 10am on Saturday and it’s 9:50. As I get my act together, get Curt out of the house, shower, and by 11am I’m at the apartment — the envelope is in the office — apparently the nice lady with the pug signed for it. Saved. They are the closing papers for the house, hence the panic.

Saturday, Notary Public, where? My bank on the east side, followed by a stop at the post office to express it back to Lopez, then to Subway, then to Home Depot. I still need to find a UPS drop spot for the overnight envelope to WorldMark to buy more credits now that I know the house is sold.

This is just way too much activity for the 5th of July before noon.

And speaking of the 4th of July, here are the promised shots:


I guess I should email that link to everyone who was on the invite list. Damn fine boat cruise. Damn fine bar tender. Damn fine bottle of 1994 Prager Royal Escort Port.

The rest of the 5th is being taken up with finishing as much of the bamboo fence as I have bamboo for, leaving just the eight foot gap which will be filled with planters for now.

Nice to have that project done, at least for now. Dinner tonight at Jimmies, with stops at the UPS Drop Box on 4th (at the 6100 building), Swanda’s for paperwork I accidentally left behind (my copies of the closing documents), and finally a sit-down-dinner with friends.

And tomorrow — we rest and work on paying work that I’ve been putting off because of the three-day weekend.



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