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Jul '08

Car In The Garage, Again, Finally.

I’m not sure I was expecting to get this far along with the “getting ready for the garage sale” process. Things happen when you least expect them. Like Wonderful coming by to pick out artwork for The Great Art Party 2008. Well, to get to the art closet, I basically had to unload the trailer (by myself before he got there) and reload it with the stuff that was also going (gas dryer, more furniture).

It has become a summer ritual… the unearthing of artwork in the garage headed for the Art Party. And every year I have to clear a path to the art closet. And each year another ten pieces go to a good cause. And my garage gets a little cleaner. Between the house on the hill and the church on Lopez I had 4,000 square feet filled with art — and now my house is 800 square feet. That’s a lot of artwork to rotate in an out (which I may finally start doing).

The van is now loaded to the gills with extra sheets, towels, pillows, appliances, glassware, you name it — all for sale next Saturday (the 12th) at Fluffernutter’s Big Garage Sale on Martin Luther King (look for the banners two blocks south of Jackson). Guess I’d better make a sign for the van as well since I wouldn’t mind selling it (and Bob) as well.

Luckily I’d thawed enough pork to make enough for Wonderful and I to have a little Arthur Bryant BBQ feed — mixed greens with fresh raspberries (with a blueberry pomegranate dressing) was the salad.

Not looking forward to work in the morning, but commitments are commitments.


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