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Jul '08

Conversations With Dad.

Documents arrived at the closing agent.

Billable hours.

Dinner with Swanda… when the phone rings. Dad.


OK — so it isn’t the best picture — he looks a little grumpy in this shot, but it’s from last Christmas so it’s recent.

So — I’m over at Swanda’s for dinner when I got a call from Dad saying he went to the hospital at 7am because of severe pain from the inability to urinate… ouch. He’s fine, the catheder comes out on Thursday, but it does reinforce the feeling that within five years I’ll be blogging from New Mexico.

Now in all fairness — we should have a shot of Mom…


That would be Mom that just drove to Aspen for a week at the Aspen Music Festival. This trip reminds me of when I was in my early twenties and she rented a house for a month in Marlboro for the Marlboro Music Festival.

Seems to me like the fruit (me) doesn’t fall far from the tree. Travel and convertibles from Mom, fixing the house from Dad.



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  1. Miss Otis Says:

    And behind Dad on the sofa would that be a loom?