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Jul '08

Show Me The Money.

Show me the money, that’s what I’m saying these days. Worked in the morning then did a mid-day run to the east-side to put a nice consulting check in the bank, wash the car, shop at Trader Joes.

More work in the afternoon — interupted by an email from the closing agent. My bank needs authorization to provice the closing agent with a pay-off amount, which will take 48 hours to process. Guess that means I should forget money on Wednesday (or Thursday, and maybe Friday). Good thing I’m working like a dog these days.

Tomorrow MoonSong shows up to start to work on the new deck.


Or not — late word, too busy. More time to bill hours without distraction.

Lynne over for a pork loin on the grill tonight. I love her company — it’s almost like being on the island still, but with fresh raspberries for desert.

Big fun preparing some Guett Champagne (New Mexico), some mardi gras beads, and a card for the anniversary of Tim O’Neils untimely death last year.


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