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Jul '08

Church No Mo.

Well, at 2:45pm this afternoon I got a call from Lanny Carver of Coldwell Banker at Friday Harbor with the news. I no longer own a church. This not to say that the money is in the bank (trust me, I checked), but it should be by the end of the week since I gave them wiring instructions. Quite a change from this morning when I had to go to the Post Office to pick up some unknown package. I figured, incorrectly, that is was yet more paperwork. Instead is was a duplicate shipment of stacking portion bowls.

In my excitement after Lanny’s call I came minutes from booking four nights on Kauai since Alaska has Kauai on sale til the end of the month ($516 round-trip) and there was a 1-bedroom condo available for about $200 for the four nights, add a car…. figure it would have been a grand for the 4-5 days. Not bad. Just bad timing — with me committed to this contract at least until August (depending on how it goes).

Other fun news and notes: check out my friend Mudd’s website: http://www.mmmmudd.com. He is based out of Chico, California. I stopped there on my way back from the Grand Canyon last fall. In full disclosure, the site is recommended for those over 21 as there are some phallic (OK, many) images in stone and wood. That said — it’s still a good site for those on either side of the fence.

Another call earlier today was that the WorldMark folks got my contract for more credits/points. I’m adding 12,000 points to my account of 22,000, and the 1,000 points from the sale of the church will bring my account up to 35,000 perpetual credits/points. Think condos in Canada for the Olympics — I have my calendar set to the first day I can book which is next January.

Now if I can just sell Bob and the Mommy Van to thin out my selection of vehicles. Monday and Tuesday I got all the registrations changed to the Rose Street address, moved my driver’s license address, and changed my voter registration. Whew!

Quiet meal at home tonight of steak and a spinach salad. Last night turned into a feast with Lynne coming over for a big hunk of pork loin and some bar-b-qued sugar snap peas. Just enough pork left to put in the spinach salad for tonight.


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