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Jul '08

Bucks In The Bank.

It’s always just one more piece of information — in this case, something that could be taken care of via an email to my bank. It seems that they couldn’t close out my home equity line of credit (even though there was now NOTHING to secure it) without my authorization.

The funny part is that at the end of the meeting on the east-side when I deposited my check I got a balance receipt from my account — first of all there was a huge amount of money in my checking account (six figures) with two-thirds of it available…. so, the wire transfer had taken place, but they hadn’t paid off the equity line yet. Trust me, by the end of the day everything was where is was supposed to be.

Guess I’d better get on the horn to my broker and figure out what to do with this wad. Best to keep it out of my reach!

Fado Sado is in down for his annual doctor’s finger up the butt and staying with Swanda so we are all having a mixed sushi extravaganza with a little celebration champagne. That’s the evening meal.

With the garage sale coming up this Saturday at Fluffernutters (two blocks south of Jackson on MLK — look for the used car lot style banners on the east side of the street) it was time to get the trailer taken over to his place with all the “big” stuff — tables, chairs, cabinets, Murphy bed, mannequin. All the smaller stuff is in the back of the van which will go over on Saturday morning at “0 Butt Early” — 8am set-up, 9am open — AND I will be waking up in Olympia because tomorrow is poker night. Ick.

Off to bed — work to do tomorrow as well.


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