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Jul '08

Work, Gourmet Meal, and Poker.

What can we say — the title says it all as to the plans for the day.

Work until 1 or 2. Drive to Olympia. Prepare a small feast for four (still unknown as to the other two besides Curt and I at this point), then poker.

The work is outlining the concept of a membership retention program for one of my clients.

The menu is:

  • Cream of Green Chili Chicken Soup
  • Tomatoes (e-coli free vine ripened), Fresh Basil*, Feta in a Gorgonzola Pear Dressing
  • Lavender* encrusted beef tenderloin
  • Fresh raspberries* with mint sprigs*

And then there are the usual poker appetizer platters for throughout the night. All the items with the asterisk (*) are from my garden.

I’m guessing just wine this evening as I have a VERY early morning tomorrow with the garage sale and all.


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